Fall Project #2: Fabric Cinderella Pumpkins

I adore Cinderella pumpkins. Adore. I also have a thing for Fabric Cinderella Pumpkins.

So this afternoon I thought I’d create a few little beauties to add to our fall decor.


  • fabric
  • moss
  • sticks or branches
  • rice
  • polyfill
  • thread, needle, scissors, glue gun


Step 1
For each pumpkin you want to make, cut a circle from your fabric. I traced a dinner plate, a luncheon plate and a side plate onto to make our pumpkins.

Step 2
Using a strong needle and a very long heavy duty thread, sew around the entire circumference of your circle to make a little pouch. Do not cut your thread.

Step 3
Place some rice in the bottom of your pouch and lightly stuff the remaining space with polyfill. {A soft squishy pumpkin works so much better for this project – so go easy on the polyfill}. Pull your pouch opening tight and stitch closed.

Step 4
Using the same attached thread, create the bumps in your pumpkin-to-be.

Step 5
Using a hot glue gun, glue on your moss and a stick as your stem.

Repeat for each pumpkin!

So cute and SO easy!!!

Super easy, yes?!

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    paper canuck says

    Brilliant! absolutely brilliant! I found your blog quite by accident today…. lucky me. You can be sure I will be checking it out regularly from now on.