Eye ‘Candy’ – Candice Olson style!

If I had to pick one single designer as a favourite it would be Candice Olson.


Hands down. No competition.

I love her style – the bling, the colours, the textures.

Simply Divine.

In honour of Ms. Olson, today’s post is all eye candy.











Check out Candice – here design tv, her books, her dvds –  here.

Does anyone else have a favourite designer? Who is it? What do you like about their style?


(P.S. The sources listed for each photograph are the links to where I found them online via a google image search. These are not necessarily who took the photos. If you took or own the photos or know who did, please let us know and we will happily correct the source links.)

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Time to Chat

  1. Rebecca says

    Ooo Ooo Ooo!!! Me too! Me too! I LOVE Candice Olsen! I even applied to have a makeover done on our basement and when I (not surprisingly) didn’t hear back I just used her inspiration to to it myself! :) No wonder I love your taste!

  2. Ami says

    Hi Dean & Shannon,
    Thanks for this post.. I’m a fan too !
    I’m looking for an accent that Candice used in one of her make overs. She created a privacy panel made of silver ball chain on a track. I wonder if you have any suggestions on where to look for that kinda ball chain. Look forward to your input. Thanks !!

    • aka design says

      Hi Ami,

      I am glad you found our post! Love Candice!

      As far as I can find, the metal beaded screen came from Shimmer Screen (www.shimmerscreen.com) in New York. Again, that’s just as far as I can find. You could potentially DIY one. Have you done a google search?

      Hope that helps…and thank you again for commenting.


  3. Ami says

    Thanks !
    Will check out Shimmer Screen. Yes, I googled last night and found some sites selling screens, but I was not sure if I should order for unknown sites. Plus the pictures were not clear so I cant make out what I am ordering.

    I would be happy to DIY one for my use, coz I need a custom height..First the chain and I guess the track would come next… to fit the ball chain. So I guess I should start hunting for a store that sells the ball chain.. any thoughts?