DIY Project: Envelope Drop Cloth Pillow

Have we mentioned that we’ve had to do some shuffling to our oh-so-pretty master bedroom?

Sad, but true.

In order to make room for our still-under-construction pantry, we had to rebuild ourselves a closet opposite the bed.

Not pretty at the moment. (If that’s confusing have a look at this post with our floor plan. The walk-in closet is being changed to a pantry with a door on the hall side, just outside the kitchen.) It will be pretty when we add barn doors. Really it will be.

Anyway, I also couldn’t stand looking at my treadmill in the living room for a second longer, so into the bedroom it went.

All that is to say that our bedroom is seriously lacking its previous relaxed atmosphere. (Well, can you relax with partially mudded walls staring at you?!)

So I made some new pillows.

Yup. Nothing like avoiding the ugly jobs at hand and making something pretty.


  • drop cloth canvas
  • pencil
  • black sharpie
  • scissors
  • sewing machine (although I’ve heard good things about fusing/hem tape)
  • iron
  • pillow form (I use the $6 feather ones from Ikea)


1. Measure the pillow form. If using the Ikea cushion mentioned above, the size is approximately 20″ x 20″.

2. For the front of each pillow, measure and cut a piece of drop cloth that is about 2″ wider and 2″ longer than the pillow form. Mine was 22″ x 22″. Set aside.

3. For the back over-lapping/envelope flaps of each pillow, add 2″ to the width and 8″ to the length of the pillow form and cut a rectangle of drop cloth. Mine was 22″x 28″. Cut this piece in half to make to make two equal pieces. Mine each measured 22″ x 14″. Sew a hem along one of the wider sides on each piece. Set aside.

4. OPTIONAL: Using a program like Gimp, choose a font for your “Mr. & Mrs.”, then make it large enough for the pillows. Either print it out or trace it off of the computer screen onto sheets of plain paper if no printer is available. Ahem. Now either cut out and trace the letters or scribble pencil on the back of the sheets of paper and retrace (like carbon paper) onto the FRONT drop cloth piece for each pillow. OR use Emily’s method and freehand some fake calligraphy. No matter the lettering method, use the black sharpie to carefully fill in the letters on the drop cloth. Let dry if necessary. You know, so you don’t get marker all over your hands!

5. For each pillow, lay the pillow front piece of drop cloth face up on a table (ink side up). Lay the two back pieces right sides down on top of the front piece, with a 3″ overlap and the hemmed sides in the middle. Pin together.

6. Now sew all the way around the rectangle, about 1/2″ from the edge. Turn right side out (using the overlapping/envelope flap).

7. Add your pillow form and voila! Simple pillow throw pillows!

Do you have any spaces that could use a little pillow spruce up? How about any other ideas for what to write on your own drop cloth pillows?

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Time to Chat

  1. Lindsay says

    What is the colour on the walls?
    BTW Roy is going to think i am crazy, I never use a drop cloth when I paint, he flips on me, now I have to tell him I WANT him to buy a drop cloth because I need to make pillows!
    Also, I have the same style bedding and matching cases, do you notice yoiur bedding turning colour (not washed yet) and yet your cases staying bright white, I am not sure what is happening and thought you might know.

    • aka design says

      Hi Linsday,
      The walls are a color match of PPG Scotch Mist.
      I’m sorry about the color fade on your duvet cover. We’ve not had that problem. Perhaps give it a wash with some oxy clean?

  2. says

    These are adorable! Gotta love those home projects that fix one area of your home, but create chaos in another. As far as our treadmill goes, we installed double doors leading into our basement storage room so I can swing them open and use the treadmill and close them back up to cover up the ugly. It works like a charm and I don’t feel like I’m in a storage room because I face the pretty!