Embroidery Hoop Orbs

There’s nothing new under the sun.

A wise king named Solomon penned these words years ago.

And he was absolutely right.

Just when we think we’ve come up with something new – a quick Google search will tell us differently. 

Such is the case with these embroidery hoop orbs!

industrial table hydrangea sphere candle

I’ve long-loved the industrial look of wood or metal orbs. We have one out on the patio coffee table that’s made of metal. But even one picked up at Target can come with a price tag that is a little steep for such a simple piece.

Wooden embroidery hoops on the other hand are rather inexpensive. And these embroidery hoop orbs are quite easy to make.

embroidery hoop orbs | www.akadesign.ca


embroidery hoop sphere supplies


stain embroidery hoops

1. Disassemble each embroidery hoop.

2. Using an old rag (or a foam brush) stain all surfaces of each embroidery hoop piece. Let dry.

hoop screw

3. Slide pieces together to form an orb as shown below. Tighten hoop screws as needed.

stained embroidery hoops

4. Find a place to display and enjoy!

 industrial wooden orb | www.akadesign.ca

Do you have any wooden embroidery hoops kicking around? How about some wood stain?

You know where I’m going with this…why not make your own embroidery hoop orbs?

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Time to Chat

  1. says

    Shannon….that is brilliant! I love it! Pinned! Shared on FB! And as soon as I get my stuff out of storage….I’m making one!!! This is something I can afford….even if I didn’t have my mom’s old hoops in storage. ;)
    One big hug to you from me!!

  2. Bobby-Jo Haukeness says

    so clever! Thanks for sharing this is on my list of to do this week and a must share on my page! :)

  3. JaneEllen says

    Your embroidery “orbs” look fantastic, love how the stain makes them look all old/rustic. I have several embroidery hoops, usually pick them up when I see them at thrift stores for reasonable prices. Never know what I might want to do with them so try to be prepared having enuf. We live a few miles from anyplace to buy things like that so get some when I see them. Don’t want to have to go buy something to do projects I see on blog land. If I have go to stores I’ll be out of mood by time I get back home. I’ll be making this soon. Have to get some stain. Happy summer days

  4. says

    That is such a cool idea-I thought that was metal when I first saw it! Your vignette looks gorgeous too.

    If you have a minute to spare I’d be thrilled if you could pop by my blog and share your post at my weekly Say G’day linky party. It’s on right now and this would be a wonderful addition!

    Best wishes for a lovely week,
    Natasha in Oz

  5. says

    I love this idea! I have made these very same hoops and have them on my porch as “orbs” on my urns! I love the idea of staining them!!! Such an inexpensive alternative to those very expensive metal ones!!!~~Angela

  6. says

    Super cute. Love it. I thought about doing this along time ago but never got around to it. Would work great also for a DIY pendant light fixture.

  7. Dorelle Andersen says

    Sorry to trouble you what size were your hoops and where did you buy them. I live in Vancouver none at Michaels or various dollar stores on the West Coast. I presume you use 4 hoops per sphere? Many thanks