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Praise for Welcome Home:

Shannon’s approach to decorating is warm & fun – the perfect combination for creating a cozy home. Her book is filled with tips & tricks to create your dream space with a small budget and minimal skills by being creative with amazing results. Well written, beautifully put together and a joy to read!

Gina Luker, The Shabby Creek Cottage

Shannon has taken some of the best-loved features from her blog, as well as some never seen before content to create this wonderful book. Welcome Home demystifies the organizing and decorating process by providing practical tools for creating a personal, functional and beautiful space. If you’re looking for lovely inspiration, manageable how-to steps and budget-friendly ideas, this book is the quintessential resource.

Shauna Oberg, Satori Design for Living

Do you love chummy conversational professionals who speak to you as if you are on their level? Who don’t show off their shop jargon while teaching you what they know? Do you want somebody to cut to the chase, keep it so simple that you know you can master everything? Practical, pragmatic, effective, economical and fun? This is the decorating How-To and tip book for you!

Wendy Reis, Wendy Reis Editing & Proofreading

“Creating a home for our family and helping others to do the same is my passion. I want to guide you to your perfect home. Not THE perfect home. Just one that’s perfect for you. I want to help you make your house (or condo, or apartment, or cottage) the home you’ve always hoped it could be. A welcoming home: A haven and a getaway from the craziness of our world. Consider this eBook an expansion of our blog. It contains loads of my tips and tricks and ideas all packaged up neatly and in one place.”

Shannon Acheson, from the Introduction to Welcome Home

Much like other books, Welcome Home is broken up into sections: Begin at the Beginning, Inspiration and Preparation, and Nitty Gritty.

  • Begin at the Beginning tells you what to do first. Where to start creating a beautifully cozy home. The do’s and don’ts of decorating as well as 3 elements that make for a great space.
  • Inspiration and Preparation leads you to a few sources of inspiration and then once you’ve found inspiration, we tell what to do with it and how to use it.
  • And finally the third section gets to the Nitty Gritty hands on decorating with small space decorating ideas, budget decorating tricks and bargain shopping tips. We also include our how-to step-by-steps for finishing furniture (plus a great resource for refinishing furniture like the pros), plus what to have in your decorator tool box and a whole list of 30-minute home improvement projects.

We’re also including two BONUSES in our book:

  • BONUS One is a descriptive list of Design Styles to help you get a better handle on what style you are drawn to most and some suggestions on how to get the look.
  • BONUS Two is our best-selling recipe for scented room spray as well as a complete resource list for where to buy those supplies. Because a cozy welcoming home SMELLS good too, don’t ya know?!


There are currently 2 options for ordering
Welcome Home:

  1. Click the PDF version below for computer viewing. It is the prettier book with fancy fonts and photos and a clickable table of contents.
  2. Click the Smashwords Edition below for reading on your eReader. This version is still pretty and has all the same info as the PDF, it’s just not AS pretty. I repeat ALL THE INFO IS THE SAME IN BOTH VERSIONS.


PDF eBook Features:

  • Loads of full colour photos
  • Clickable Table of Contents – takes you right to the page or section you want with just a click or a tap!
  • PDF format is viewable on your computer and many devices including smart phones, iPads, iPhones  – NO SPECIAL DEVICE OR SOFTWARE NEEDED! 

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 eReader eBook Features:

  • Available in the following formats: Kindle, iPad,  Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo, and most other ereading devices. Also available in HTML and plain text for basic reading on your computer. (Please note that the pdf available on smashwords is NOT the same as the one available here. It is extremely simplified. If you want a pdf, we suggest purchasing the one above.)
  • Some full colour pictures.
  • Ability to read in desired font and size.


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