Easy Custom Canvas using Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium

I adore the look of black and white canvas photos and Plaid’s new Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium was totally calling my name from my basement stash (I have a basement stash! LOVE the new house!) for this project.

Just like our last house, we’re working on this house a little bit at a time. Last week I got a little ADD with my painting: I painted the hallway – most of it anyway, I painted the stairs (project coming soon), I started painting our master bedroom, I painted a little of the basement family room.

And so far none of it is finished!

But I did tackle this one *complete* and EASY personalized piece of art for our bedroom…

mod podge photo transfer medium

Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium Project


  • Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium
  • Canvas
  • INK jet printout of photo
  • foam brushes (2)
  • scissors
  • water
  • sponge
  • paint

Step One

Choose your photo. Using a photo editing software (I used GIMP), size to fit your canvas. If desired change mode to grayscale. Print photo on PLAIN paper. Photo paper will NOT work. Trim photo to fit canvas, leaving about a half inch space for border around the edge. Transfer Medium doesn’t dry clear, so be sure to trim right to the edge of your image or you’ll have a white outline.

Step Two

On a protected surface (you don’t want glue-ish stuff all over, do you?!), using a sponge brush to spread a thick layer of Transfer Medium all over the FRONT SIDE of your photocopied, trimmed photo. (Ask me why FRONT SIDE is in all caps.) All you want to see is WHITE.

Step Three

Without touching the sticky surface, place your photo paper sticky side down onto your canvas. Tap gently in the center and then smooth outwards toward the edges on all sides, removing air bubbles as you go. LET DRY FOR 24 HOURS.

Step Four

Softly press a fairly wet sponge onto the image on canvas until the entire thing is damp to wet. Now squeeze out the sponge into a cup. Using a circular motion and the damp sponge, rub the paper off the canvas; you’ll see it sort of rub off in small pieces  Continue until all you see is your transferred image. Gently brush off any additional paper pieces and let dry.

Step Five

Using a foam brush and black craft paint, carefully paint just the edges of the canvas. And voila an easy custom canvas in just 5 simple steps!

I think this Photo Transfer Medium is going to come in VERY handy for a whole bunch of projects brewing around in my little ol’ brain –  since it makes it SO easy to personalize any surface with favorite photos or even graphics created on the computer!

You can find Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium at Michael’s.

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What do you think of our canvas art?  


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      • 4

        picMe says

        Have tried to do 2 canvases and ruined them. :( I don’t know what it is I’m doing wrong. I’m using Mod Podge gloss -luster a water base sealer. It isn’t a medium. Did I buy the wrong Mod? I bought 2 bigger 16 oz., one lable is orange the other is yellow. Can you help me pl I’m desperate. Thanx.

  1. 21


    Nice work! And a nice break from painting walls! I’ve heard of doing this. I just need to beef up my photo editing skills. They are sorely missing! By the way, it’s a great photo of the two of you!

    Consider checking out the home blogger’s directory, http://www.TheBlogSisters.com!

    Best to you,

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  3. 25

    Paula says

    I tried this with all the correct material but for some reason it did not turn out. When I wet the paper it seemed to take the ink off too. What did I do wrong? Could it be the paper I am using?

    • 26


      The ink is definitely more faded, but it shouldn’t all come off. You really have to soak the paper and it really does have to sit for 24 hours before you wet it.