DIY Ribbon Chandelier

If you’ve ever wanted to bring a little extra color or movement into a whimsical space, perhaps a diy ribbon chandelier is just what you need!

Our little basement corner is a great space for building lego, crafting and coloring or playing a board game.

embellish lamp shade with ribbon

And truthfully it was just fine as it was before.

But “just fine” can sometimes use a little push, yes?

DIY Ribbon Chandelier

ribbon chandelier aka design

As we’ve used our little ribbon creation, all tucked up inside a hanging lamp shade, it’s not quite a chandelier. But hung on its own it would certainly look pretty – in a little girl’s room or at an outdoor wedding maybe?


  • embroidery hoop
  • ribbon of various colors and sizes
  • hot glue

ribbon chandelier supplies


1. Cut varying lengths of ribbon. You could cut the ribbon all at once, or you could cut lengths as you go. Doesn’t really matter, whichever you prefer.

glue ribbon to hoop

2. Hot glue each piece of ribbon over the top of the embroidery hoop (as shown) until you have a nice full chandelier and a good balance of colors. (I just used the inner circle of the embroidery hoop.)

3. Hang and enjoy!

 diy ribbon chandelier

Do you have any fun little corners inside or outside that could use a little hit of ribbon-y goodness? 

This post was sponsored by Midori. :)
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  1. says

    You say “hang and enjoy.” But how do you hang it? I have a ceiling fan with a light bulb. I took the ugly globe off so the bulb is visible and looks a bit odd. I like your ribbon idea but don’t know how I would attach the embroidery hoop.