DIY Project: Vintage Sheet Music Ball Ornaments

Like many other bloggers right now, I have a thing for projects made from sheet music & book pages. And it totally makes me swoon if the project happens to be Christmas decorations made from vintage hymnal pages!

Can you spot the super easy ornaments I whipped up this morning (excuse the mantle – I can’t decide if I like all the signs in one place yet)? There are only three ornaments because I’m saving room for another project that I hope to post about later. :) Can’t tell what they are? Here they are closer and all bundled together.

Ah, you see it now, don’t you?

I have to tell ya, these were totally inspired by Miss Mustard Seeds ornaments.

Are you ready to make some for yourself?


  • clear plastic balls (I bought these at Michael’s)
  • old hymnal pages
  • scrapbooking scissors (regular scisors will do)


Step 1.
Using your scissors cut your hymnal pages into thin strips. I used an old pair of scrapbooking scissors to make the edges of each strip wavy for extra interest. Regular scissors will do. If you decide to make a lot of ornaments…a paper shredder will save you scads of time!

Step 2.
Remove the top from each ball. Insert strips of paper into ball one by one.

Step 3.
Place top back on each ball and hang.

Love that these ornaments are from old hymnals that have been used to sing about the very reason we celebrate Christmas!

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    These ornaments are wonderful! Thanks so much for hosting – I added my wreath project! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I came over to take a look around just love your blog – I am new follower! AJ@queenofmynest

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    does it need to be Christmas/holiday related? or just a DIY? Cause I just finished my entertainment center and would love to link it up, but it’s definitely not holiday related in any way!