DIY Project: Pretty Paper Birds

To say I have a little thing for simple bird shapes this spring just might be an understatement. I have more than one of these little guys from Bouclair. They sort of migrate around the house, depending on my decorating mood du jour.


When I was planning (okay not planning, more like choosing willy-nilly) my spring decorating projects, I knew birds would fit into the theme somewhere. When I spied this inspiration pic (originally from, knew I could come up with my own version.


Yesterday I finally made ours and think it’s adorable for spring/Easter!


 To make your own birds you will need:

  1. Scrapbook papers in patterns of your choice
  2. Pencil (& eraser)
  3. Scissors
  4. Invisible thread
  5. My Bird Template (print it off here for free!)
  6. Twigs or a small tree

The first thing I did was to draw the bird shapes. In pencil. On lined paper. Because that’s what I had lying around. But before you despair that you cannot draw birds freehand, wait! I have made a pdf for you. Just click here for the template, right click to save and then print (for free of course!).


After making the templates, I cut out the template pieces and traced them onto the back of my scrapbook paper (typically the back of scrapbook paper is white). I fit as many birds and wings on each piece of paper as I could. (Note: I used really small scapbook paper. Like mini paper from a book that had 12 sheets and was on sale.)

Then I cut out all the shapes. Once all the birds and wings were cut out, I mixed up the patterns and colours and glued the wings onto the birds using a plain ol’ glue stick (from the dollar store, no less).


I used a sewing needle to poke a small hole in each bird.

And threaded invisible thread through each hole and knotted the thread to form a closed loop. I used this to hang each bird on the twigs (secured in some spots with clear scotch tape).

And voila! All done.

My total cost was about $5. It could be less if you have scrapbook paper lying around. Which I didn’t.

What do you think? Would you try this for your spring decorating?

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Time to Chat

  1. 3

    Marisa says

    Thanks for the template! I print these for my 4 year old daughter on white card stock and let her paint them. She loves it!

  2. 4

    Kaybee says

    Thank you so much for this – going to try and make some pretty birds right away! I love it when I am just browsing and land on a fellow believers site…and get to enjoy some great craft ideas too! Bless you!