Pottery Barn Inspired Numbers Canvas

Update: Click here to see where we’ve displayed our Pottery Barn Inspired Numbers Canvas at our new house!

Good Friday Morning!!

Anyone interested in a DIY Project for the long weekend (it’s the Civic Holiday Monday in Canada)?

What about a Pottery Barn-inspired project?


But for super cheap (like Dollar-store cheap) and SO easy (like ANYONE could do it)?


I (Shannon) wrote a step-by-step tutorial for this project this week, using dollar store canvases and NO special tools (as in, no vinyl numbers or Silhouette) for EverythingMom.com.

—The tutorial portion of this post was originally written by Shannon for Everything Mom in July 2011. We are republishing it here (with updated and clearer photos) for your enjoyment and ease of asking questions!—

Who doesn’t love Pottery Barn? Their catalogue is filled with inspiring images of perfectly put together rooms and gorgeous spaces. But what’s a girl to do when a piece you love is no longer sold?

Why DIY it, of course!


This Pottery Barn art used to be sold for about $75 or so. But I had a funny feeling that I could recreate it for much less! I also wanted anyone to be able to do it – no silhouette for cutting out numbers and no need to purchase a huge canvas. Really easy steps but with huge impact!

Supplies Needed:

  • 6 – 9”x12” canvases from the dollar store (could use more if you wanted bigger)
  • Paint – I used DecoArt Americana paints in Snow (Titanium) White, Buttermilk, Burnt Sienna, Lamp (Ebony) Black **I have noticed in Canada we can even get DecoArt paints at Dollarama!
  • Brushes – Large and quite small
  • Sanding Block
  • Behr Glazing Medium
  • Paper printouts of numbers in various fonts and sizes
  • Staple Gun & Staples (optional)


Step 1: Paint the surface of the canvases black with a large brush. Let dry.

Step 2: Cut out numbers. Arrange them on canvases – with some sideways and some off the edges. Trace with pencil.

Step 3: Put some buttermilk paint in a plastic cup. Add a couple of drops of white. Mix it up. With the small brush paint inside the pencilled numbers. Try to be tidy, but don’t stress about being perfect. Let dry.

Step 4: Using the sanding block, lightly sand the surface of each canvas. If you happened to get outside the pencil lines while painting the numbers, now is the time to sand it away!

Step 5: Pour some glaze into another plastic cup. Add a few drops of burnt sienna paint and stir. Brush entire surface with glazing medium. Let dry. (Don’t panic, it may look a little blue when wet. It doesn’t dry this way.)

Step 6 {optional}: Using a staple gun, staple the canvases together on the back side. Use as many staples as necessary to create a sturdy piece.

Guess what? You’re done! Hang ‘em up – Either individually or as one large stapled-together piece.

The cost of this DIY décor project for me was only $12. I already had the staple gun and staples, the brushes, paint and glaze. All I had to buy were the canvases. Even if you had nothing on hand, this project would only cost about $30. NOT BAD for a custom piece of art! And definitely much cheaper than the original (no longer available) Pottery Barn piece!

I bet you could do this in the span of a nap time! What do you think?


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  1. 7

    Jhonattan says

    Do you guys think this would work with a green ocean colour as based? But what about the typographic element?


  2. 8

    Theresa Held says

    I am not able to find the Behr Glazing Medium. Any other product recommendations? All my store had was a faux glazing. I have everything else I need. Thanks.

  3. 10


    I like your version better than pottery barns! You could also paint the canvas in the color of the numbers then use some double sided tape to set the numbers down, spray paint black over the canvas then remove the numbers – for a lazier version 😉

  4. 16

    Carrie Swenson says

    Oh wow, I am in love! Thank you for sharing this idea I am totally going to make this for my house. I am visiting from Monday Funday Link Party.