DIY Fabric Canvases for Christmas

Does anyone remember an old project of ours (like from well over a year ago)…Fabric Samples to Finished Art?

Well it was time to change them up a little.

DIY Fabric Canvases for Christmas


  • 3 small canvases
  • fabric
  • clothespins
  • staple gun & staples
  • scissors
  • glue gun & glue
  • paper, markers, rubber stamps, other embellishements

For me step one was removing all the staples from the old project!

But for everyone else:


Step 1.
Cut each piece of fabric to slightly larger than each canvas.

Step 2.
Wrap the fabric around and staple to canvas frame. Flip over.

Step 3.
Using hot glue gun, glue one clothespin to top center of each canvas.

Then clip on whatever you like to embellish each canvas! This means you can change out your notes or embellishments whenever you like!

I chose to keep it a little Christmas-y for now.

What do you think? Do you like the new look?

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    Claire says

    The covered canvas art is actually the post that led me to your blog! I even ordered my own samples from Tonic Living but they were too small to cover a canvas. I may just be covering something in burlap this weekend thanks to you!