DIY Burlap Canvas

I finally got some craftin’ going on this week! And I have a whole list of other projects to share with you too! But first this one…

I love our bedroom. It is welcoming, romantic, cottage-y. And it’s mostly finished, with only a few projects left such as baseboards and a chandelier. One corner in particular needed a little something more.


Since this was for our bedroom, I chose to add pieces that reflected Dean and I. There is the Bible verse that sums up what we’ve always believed about our marriage. {See Gen 2:24}

The flower is just pretty and actually made me giggle just now because we really aren’t much for flowers in our relationship! And though I can’t remember what the key is for, it could symbolize the key to our hearts. It also adds a bit of rusty bling to the whole piece.

I adore music, it’s one of those things that fills my cup so to speak. And Dean has the voice of an angel, which was partly why I fell for him to begin with. :)

We watched a movie years ago (Dean remembers what it’s called but I never can!) and a couple of words stuck with us, ma bashert, which means soulmate.

DIY Burlap Canvas

What you’ll need:

  • a canvas (I bought mine from the dollar store)
  • burlap
  • assorted ribbon and/or fabric trim
  • cardstock
  • small clothespins (I got mine from we love citrus!)
  • staple gun
  • letter stamps & ink
  • other embellishments

Step 1.
Cut burlap slightly larger than your canvas.

Step 2.
Wrap burlap and staple to back of canvas, folding corners like wrapping a present.

Step 3.
Lay your ribbons and / or fabric trim out to see which configuration you like best. Trim slightly larger than necessary.

Step 4.
Staple ribbons and / or fabric trim in place on back of canvas.

Step 5.
Embellish your canvas with items you choose. For my tags and Bible verse I crumpled up an index card, rubbed some Distress Ink (walnut) on it, misted it with water and patted it with a paper towel.

And of course there is one of our wedding pictures in there too.

A pretty memory board for romantic keepsakes!

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Time to Chat

  1. 6


    Beautiful! It adds a nice romantic element to the room and the texture is great.
    By the way, “Bashert” is a Yiddish word (you got the translation right!) so what you probably heard was “my bashert.” :-)

    • 7

      aka design says

      Thank you Lori. I finally did figure out it was Yiddish this week. Yay google! I should change the ma to my though!

  2. 8

    Erin says

    OOOooh–soo pretty! I especially love some of the ribbons! Where do you shop for them? I am a ribbon-a-holic, although I don’t actually use them very often-lol! A project like this would let me show off multiple favourites though!

    • 9

      aka design says

      Hi Erin! I looked for ribbons at Michael’s but couldn’t find what I was thinking of. Then I stopped into fabricland and realized what I was looking for wasn’t ribbon at all but fabric trim!!!

  3. 10


    Thank you for hosting! Okay, your board is absolutely beautiful…you have such an ability to find the perfect colors and accessories!! What about that pillow sitting on that chair…perfect!

    • 11

      aka design says

      Thanks, Maggie. I made the pillow on the chair actually…and now I’m trying to remember if I posted how I made it??? Lol. I don’t think I did.

  4. 17


    This is adorable! I just finished making one for myself, thanks to your tutorial :) Only I used a styrofoam board. I didn’t have a canvas on hand. Thanks for sharing!

    I love your blog by the way… :)