Dining Room Progress

Well, I’m still painting, so this post will be quick.

We’ve been making progress in our kitchen and dining room.

The kitchen has a full-size dishwasher installed now (as opposed to the mini apartment sized one that was here when we moved in) and an over-the-range microwave (to save on counter space). Yay for function! I’ve also been busy painting the walls this week and I’ll paint the cabinets (yikes!) next week. Dean has received our stainless counter top material and will work on that next week as well. And  if you follow us on Facebook, you know we bought the white subway tiles for the backsplash.

In the meantime, we’ve also done a little work in the dining room…

Dining Room Progress

dining room wall color before
The dining room walls were a Dijon mustard sort of color with a khaki accent on the window wall.


dining room progress
We changed the paint color to one of our favorites – Analytical Grey by Sherwin Williams. It was the color in our Bungalow’s living and dining rooms. We’re still living with the folding table – Dean will be making us a fabulous x-base table! And you can catch a glimpse of the new buffet on the left. We’re also still waiting for a new chandelier and we have bamboo blinds in the basement waiting to be cut to fit the window.
dining room chalkboard wall
We chose to paint the chalkboard wall in the dining room instead of the kitchen. It just made more sense space-wise. The dining room is also where the kids and I do school, so the chalkboard will serve a functional purpose too!

So there ya have it – the progress we’ve made in the last week. Any new projects at your place? What about weekend plans?

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Time to Chat

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    Wow, its coming along! Loving those dining room chairs!!! Projects we’ve recently completed is a batten board with hooks in our front entry, a quick weekend project which you can see on my blog. 😉

  2. 3


    Love your progress so far! I was actually thinking about taking down our book page wall in our dining room and adding a chalkboard wall instead. Love how yours looks. It’s not up on my blog yet, but I’ve been working on our kitchen (trying to pick cabinet colors so I can paint), but I did do a chalkboard backsplash this past weekend and it really made a huge difference in my pretty ugly kitchen. 😉


  3. 5


    Loving the dining room updates. It now looks so clean and fresh. I’m so glad you decided on subway tile. We have beadboard and I think you’ll like the durability better. x

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      aka design says

      I loved the subway tile in our old kitchen. We will definitely be sealing the grout this time though! (Oops!)

  4. 9


    That looks awesomeeeee. I love the color you chose and those chairs look great! We’re not working on any projects, but I did put together a few drawers for my bedroom that I bought from IKEA (: Have a great weekend!