Decorate for Canada Day?

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I may alienate a few of our U.S. readers here (and if you’re from elsewhere in our whole big world please drop us a line-we love you too!), but I felt the need to share some Oh Canada love today.

And really, to start this post, may I just say you Americans have the most gorgeous options for 4th of July decorating…I mean really buntings and stars and well, frankly THREE colours!!!

I absolutely adore Canada, true north strong and free, but give a decorator something to work with already?!?!

Honestly do a google search for 4th of July decorating ideas and stylin’ choices abound. Do the same type of search for Canada Day decorating ideas and um, nada. Just cheese-ball, cheap and tacky!

So I thought I’d gather what little I could find to share with you. And perhaps inspire you to come up with some ideas of your own. You game?


First some party ideas…

canada day 1 Decorate for Canada Day?

From top: Free Printables, DIY Pinwheels, Banner,
Party Lanterns, Cupcake in a Jar, Striped Pillows, Dessert Buffet.

Or your party could take a total retro vintage feel with some groovy old advertising finds.

images54canadadry Decorate for Canada Day?

il 570xN.251572743 Decorate for Canada Day?

Canada Dry adcrate.

DIY art could be created by painting a rough Canada flag on wood boards and using a crackling medium between coats. Further distressing could be added by sanding away the raised areas heavily and the entire surface gently.

B8G2Y4gEWkKGrHqFl8Ey+jC5GUrBM2Fc34kw0 12 Decorate for Canada Day?


No party is complete without some paper goods. If there aren’t any you like at your local party goods shop, try printing your own from this template found on etsy.

il 570xN 253092157 Decorate for Canada Day?

Sometimes tweaking other seasonal decor to suit is a fab idea! These Christmas decorations could easily be changed up a little for Canada Day, don’t you think?

 christmas dining room e 3037d1bce01c13631a6a31672519ba90 Decorate for Canada Day?


hbx rufino holiday banister 1208 de 76419203 50314556 Decorate for Canada Day?


 So, that was all I could find.  What do you think?

Any other great ideas out there? You know, to make a truly stylish Canada Day fete?


For a few more ideas visit this blog.

Updated on June 28, 2012 to include the link to the beautiful dessert buffet table shown above. Thanks to Victoria for the head’s up! 

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  1. Andrea says

    at least you guys have a national day and decorate accordingly :) I’m living in South Africa and we don’t have a national day here – there are loads of holidays celebrating various historical events etc but we definitely don’t decorate our homes on those days. the DIY wood board is very cool, I like it :)

  2. aka design says

    Indiri, I love those ideas! Andrea, I’m sorry you don’t celebrate the country there. :( Jordana, do you mean those pinwheels? They are fun – I remember them on my grandmother’s balcony down on the Danforth. :) Thank you for all the feedback! S.

  3. Bailey says

    Thank you so much for doing this and for the wonderful ideas! My husband who is Canadian and I just had a baby and bought our first house, I have became the crazy holiday decorating lady (as he puts it). The only rule he has is that I must decorate for Canada day at the same time I decorate for the 4th of July! So please if anyone has more ideas or ideas on how to decorate for both please let me know eh.

  4. Meghan says

    Why would you apologize for wanting to celebrate Canada Day? Is that something to be ashamed of? Let’s be proud to live in this incredible country, but quietly so the Americans don’t hear and get annoyed.

    • aka design says

      Lol. Nope not all! I love Canada! But red and white are tough to work with alone and good ideas for decorating are hard to find!

      • Carol says

        I buy Canada flags from the Dollar Store and put them in all my flower baskets and hanging planters. In between the hanging baskets on our fence, we have two Canada Day banners that I found a party store and of course, our flag flies proudly in front of our garage.


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