Decor Hack – Fake Coffee Cake

Have you ever seen magazine spreads with gorgeously styled pages full of beautiful kitchens and dining rooms? You know the ones that have scrumptious looking food all perfectly laid out – cinnamon buns piled high on a plate, tea poured and the perfect coffee cake perched on a cake stand.


Do you ever wish you could set up a little display like that – just for fun – and have it last a little while just so you could enjoy it’s prettiness?

Some of you totally get it. Some of you think I’m nuts right about now. This Decor Hack is for those of you who get it. Everyone else can come back tomorrow for a different sort of post!

A couple of years ago I styled the bungalow for a daytime design and lifestyle show to come and shoot a house tour. I had put out a few little things on our old hutch to make it look pretty, including one of those $7 store bought coffee cakes on my white cake stand.

Well just before filming, doesn’t the producer tell me that they have a similar coffee cake on set and have for about six or seven months. AND IT HADN’T GOTTEN THE LEAST BIT MOLDY in that time!


Hold the phone.

I had two immediate reactions to this little tidbit:

1. What the heck is in those things? Certainly not real food!

2. I wonder how long I could keep one around as decor?

Yup. Classy.

You see a $7 coffee cake that can be used as decor beats $40+ for a faux cake to use as decor.

*Just buy one and leave it dry out for about a week or two and then display it any way you like!

So I kept that little coffee cake on display. (My nephews wondered why we couldn’t eat it. I told them I was just mean.)

Fast forward fourteen months later – fourteen! There was still not a spec of mold on that cake and zero bugs had been attracted to it – ever!

Unfortunately the photos in this post are  not of that first cake. It was thrown out when we moved. If it weren’t for moving I bet it would still be in mint condition though. Just like new. Only drier.

This new cake has been around since just after Christmas – which makes it six months old.

I’m going for two years this time.


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Time to Chat

  1. 2


    Wow what is in those things? I know people have kept McDonald’s food for years with no mold too. Good to know that I can just buy a real coffee cake for less money than a fake one and have it around for a prop for over a year…eek!

  2. 4

    Jen Y says

    Why use ‘fake’? I keep treats in my cake plate & we eat them…just like at grandma’s house or the local diner. I liked a lived in kitchen best. :o)

    • 5


      Oh we have a very lived in kitchen – with four of us home all day it is well-used! Treats don’t last long around here so much like flowers I like some just to look at! :)

  3. 8

    lyle @ the Joy of Simple says

    Wow Shannon, who would have thought!?

    Kudos by the way for not digging into the coffee cake. Much like your nephews, if I had my way, that cake would not have been on display long :)

    Thanks for a fun read and take care.