Christmas Home Tour, Mantel & Links To Our Christmas Crafts

After much tweaking, our Christmas mantel is finally done. Well, you know, for now. Just in time for our Christmas Home Tour!

It’s all white and neutral and pretty! The rag wreath tutorial is on Steven & Chris’ website here.

I used spray snow for the first time…and I’ve got to say that stuff is FUN!!!

And I made some “vintage” paper trees, a la Keeping Up With The Times. But I used dollar store dictionary pages, cardboard cones and a glue stick. Then I just slipped the cones over top of the pillar candles! Easy-peasy!

I moved our love banner out from our bedroom and filled three vases with epsom salts (to mimic snow), then I put some tea lights on top.

Here are a few other little snippets of Christmas decorating at our house this year…

Embellished Joy Canvas tutorial here.

Fabric Canvases for Christmas tutorial here.

Glittered Pinwheel Joy Banner tutorial here.

Vintage Sheet Music Ball Ornaments tutorial here.

The pretty little number above is from Dolled Up Living…I’ll share more about it next week.

You’ll notice the love banner is back up over our bed…I put a different one in the living room. :) And some traditional Christmas colour is injected by the happy quilt at the end of our bed.

Even the kitchen got a little greenery with some boughs on the cupboard tops, some little poinsettas and sparkly ornaments in a jar.

And finally the Christmas tree. It’s decorating with spray painted white barn stars (they used to be rust coloured), rusty jingle bells, prim ornaments leftover from our country decorating days, some newer aqua, white and silver ornaments for bling and some burlap garland I picked up at Michael’s. The tree skirt is a cheapo dollar store skirt draped with a length of outdoor (hedge-wrap) burlap that I picked up at Canadian Tire super cheap.

What do you think? Have you decorated your mantel yet? Your tree? How is the rest of your decorating shaping up?

P.S. Ha! Would you believe this writer just figured out the difference between mantle and mantel!! So sorry folks, I feel kind of silly!

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Time to Chat

    • 2

      aka design says

      Chrissy you are so sweet! It amazes me how many times we’ve already changed the mantle – and we only built it in September/October!

  1. 3


    Oh this is STUNNING! You and your hubby and so incredibly talented. It’s crazy beautiful. I would love to have a mantle to decorate, but sadly I don’t. So I set up a linear display on a dining table…it’s not the same, but kinda fun!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Cheers!

  2. 10


    Your mantel looks very pretty, love all the Decor. I’m finally getting around to Christmas decor this year! I have so much to do this weekend can’t wait to get started :)

  3. 14

    Erin says

    Love, love, love it! Our house is slowly coming together too! I am currently looking at the PERFECT live Christmas tree just begging to be decorated (after naptime)! Have some very similar candlesticks on my mantel, so I’ll have to try those paper trees too. What is on the other trees (other than the faux snow)-or did they come that way? I love how thorough you are with your info and pictures–too many sites and shows leave me wanting more!

    • 15

      aka design says

      Thank you for the feedback! It is just really thick spray snow. It sort of snows on the mantle if the trees get bumped!!

  4. 22


    SOOOO wonderful! You’ve done a truly fabulous job on your home…for Christmas….and every other detail, too. All of the script/music note pieces/rustic elements (like that headboard) are my favorites.

    Oh, and the snazzy red quilt that infuses a PING of vibrancy on the bed!

    Pretty much everything I love!

    Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/Hugs,