Buffet and Hutch Reveal!

It is finally finished! That giant piece that is our buffet and hutch is done…and looking beautiful, I might add.

First let me apologize for the poor photo quality of a few of the photos. It has been cloudy here lately and I must have taken about twenty photos trying to get one decent, blog-worthy, after picture. Alas, I just wanted to share the finished product with you so badly that I’ve settled…but just for today. If it becomes sunny in the next little while, I will replace the cloudy-day pics. Okay?

Buffet and Hutch Reveal

So of course, we start with the before.

Really this shouldn’t be the only before photo. Let me explain.

The hutch part (top) was actually given to us by a co-worker of Dean’s. For free. Glass doors, shelves, interior lights and all. Apparently he and his wife got it from Sears, but before they could get the buffet, Sears discontinued the line. So they found another complete piece they liked and gifted us the hutch. Sweet!  (Thanks J & K!).

Here’s the hutch all sanded down for refinishing:

Of course that meant that we had to find a suitable ‘bottom’ for the ‘top’. And just where do you think we looked? Why kiiji.ca of course! After a few days of patiently (ahem!) looking, we found a dresser of about the right size that conveniently had similar drawer profiles as the hutch. For $75. Yup, that’s it, $75!

Here it is all sanded down:

Next Dean attached the two pieces together.

And then I painted it with three coats of Behr Swiss Coffee, distressed it by sanding the edges and finished it with a glaze. We purchased some half cup drawer pulls from Lee Valley Tools and painted them and the knobs that came with the hutch to match in a rich brown colour. I’m not sure I like how glossy those turned out, but it was spray paint I had on hand. And I was trying to be frugal on this project because it was unplanned.

Speaking of frugal, here is our ultra-inexpensive price breakdown:
hutch $0
buffet/dresser $75
Swiss Coffee paint $0 (on hand from other projects)
glaze $0 (on hand from coffee table project)
paint to mix with glaze $3 (oops! paint at home depot)
spray paint $0 (on hand from painting outdoor chairs this summer)
hardware $35
TOTAL $ 115

So here is the before again:

And da-da-da-da, the after. (Realistically I still have to rub in some Minwax Finishing Paste, but we have company coming and I need to clean the house! Oh and please excuse the floor – we haven’t got to that yet!).

Here are some close-ups of the distressing and glaze.

So what do you think? I love love love it. Totally worth all the hard work.

(P.S. The lady who bought our old house also loved it – she bought it with the house when we moved!)

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Time to Chat

  1. 3

    lindsay says

    omg i freakin love it
    that is it, i need to start finding pieces to redo, problem is no one seems, around ehre at least, to get rid of furniture at garage sales!
    and the salvation army, don’t get me started, in hville is ridiculous as far as prices go!
    you guys did a fabulous job!

    • 4

      aka design says

      Thank you! That’s what my mom has been telling me about the thrift stores up there too. Bring a big truck when you come down to visit next spring!!! S.

  2. 5

    Jenn says

    Beautiful Shannon!! I have a kitchen table that I’d love to paint white (you know the one that got damaged when you visited all those years ago?!?!) but I would have no idea how to go about it! Seems extremely time consuming.

    • 6

      aka design says

      Thanks, Jenn. As I recall, it was damaged before we visited…something about Brian and a big stainless steel bowl of hot pasta?! S.

  3. 13

    Lisa @ Serendipity Chic Decor says

    You should LOVE it! Your hard work paid off. It looks so bright and airy. The decor you have chosen for it couldn’t be more perfect…

    Have a great holiday weekend!


  4. 16


    I love this hutch. Whenever they are left in dark wood I find they look SO heavy. This is a beautiful white finish and I love the hardware although I would have left the stainless look because that is what would match my kitchen. I like your blog, definitely adding it to the ones I follow.

  5. 21


    Don’t mind me while I pick my jaw up off the floor. That is absolutely stunning! It looks like a completely different piece. Am I drooling? I’m pretty sure I am! Fantastic job!

  6. 26


    Um. Wow. I am nearly speechless. I NEVER would have seen that after coming. I was unsure where you were going with the dark brown hardware concept, but oh. my. god. The pop of the hardware against the white of the cabinetry is amazing. I really like the little star you accessorized with too!

  7. 27

    Emilija says

    I love the hutch!!! so fantastic – do you have any recommendations where to find something in a similar style?? Emilija @theHomeSlice.ca

    • 28

      aka design says

      Thank you for the comment, Emilija! We love to get feedback.

      I would suggest looking on kijiji or craigslist or even your local thrift stores. Or if you are waiting a bit, you could check out the garage sales in the spring.

      Best wishes with your projects…be sure to let us know how they turn out.


  8. 29

    iwong says

    What kind of wood is it? Are both pcs same kind of wood? I will LOVE to do projects like this when I have time .. which means NEVER!!
    Obviously you both r very talented and skillful. It’s absolutely beautiful!!

    • 30

      aka design says

      Thank you so much. I’m not sure what type of wood either piece is actually. Since we were painting and distressing it, we weren’t too concerned with the type of wood, more the profile of the drawers and the dimensions. Best wishes with your projects! S.

  9. 33

    Tricia says

    I absolutely love it, amazing job. I have my moms hutch since I ws 10. Long story but she passed away and my dad was selling all her antiques to a dealer and I asked to keep it, I am so wanting to do what you did and paint it white but need to know if you painted the Behr paint after sanding or did you put something else on the wood before the paint? Also, Is the paint permanent? Can I go back to wood if wanted to? Thanks for any help
    Scared but willing

    • 34

      aka design says

      Hi Tricia,
      I love that you have your moms hutch! I have a question for you…do you love it as it looks now?
      I for one now wish I’d kept some of my family pieces. I actually got rid of some awhile back because they weren’t the right “colour”. Sad. If I’d known I could paint them and still have them be lovely pieces…
      Anyway, we lightly sanded the whole buffet and hutch with a palm sander. You could use just regular sand paper if you don’t have a palm sander. Just give your muscles some time to work at it. Really you just have to remove any glossiness. We didn’t use a primer at all. You could if you wanted to.
      As for it being permanent. We used acrylic paint. You can remove paint with a sander and/or a chemical paint stripper. Just keep in mind that if your piece has many grooves, it will be harder to remove if you hate it. Doable, but tough.
      I didn’t hesitate to paint this piece because it’s made up of two completely unrelated pieces. But I did hesitate when we did the tv cabinet…it was the holy grail of solid wood! But I LOVE it so much more after painting it.
      I do hope that helps!

  10. 36

    Erika says

    Hi there! Lil late to comment, but you’re hutch turned out beautifully! Can I ask what type of finish the paint was that you used? Flat, Satin, etc? Thanks so much!

    • 37

      aka design says

      I believe it was satin because I used leftover Swiss coffee trim paint and we use satin for that. :) Never too late to ask a question!

  11. 39


    Very, very cool. I just refinished my hutch as well. I painted black though with white accents. I love re-doing thrift store or garage sale furniture.

  12. 46

    angie says

    I love the way it came out ! I am going to do my dresser following the same process. Was the paint semi gloss or what ?

  13. 48

    Shelley @ minimalme.net says

    This is gorgeous! Your photos inspired me to upcycle a hutch as well and we saved a bundle! Thanks for the inspiration :)