Boy’s Room is Almost Done

Our son Jonah’s room is almost finished – again.

Remember how we finished it all at the old house?

 The Boy’s Train Room

Of course then we went and moved. And since then his new room has looked sorta like this (hanging head in shame):

Jonah's room before

So this past weekend – yes over a month after we moved – we finally unpacked all of his boxes, hung a light fixture and the rest of his art. And now his room looks more like this:

Jonah ‘inherited’ the aqua tv armoire, now that we have our tv’s wall mounted. He also now has my old desk lamp and bedroom end table, which will likely be painted.

His beloved world map is just tacked to the wall for now, but the plan is to make a frame for it – partly for looks and partly to keep the blasted thing from falling off the wall every time I turn around! I lucked out in the as-is room at Ikea on our last trip – the metal FOTO pendant lamp was only $15. With no ceiling light fixtures – but wall switches that work outlets?!? – this solution works perfectly and coordinates well with the desk lamp.

And instead of having two barn doors with a day bed style layout, we’ll be using one of his old barn doors to make a more traditional style headboard.

We also created a gallery wall with his collection of sports and train memorabilia, which he can see from his bed at night. Some pieces came from us, but the baseball artwork is from my Dad and the signed hockey player was for Dean from my mom ages ago. He has miscellaneous toys shoved into the canvas boxes and his personal books are on top of the cube shelves.

Still to do in this room:

  • install one barn door as a headboard
  • paint the doors and trim WHITE (there is good wood color and there is bad – this is bad!)
  • paint or replace the door and closet door hardware
  • paint either the armoire or the nightstand in a fun color – maybe like the RED we used here
  • fix the curtain hardware – they’re pulling out of the wall because they were hung incorrectly

So we’re making progress…I think!

What have you been working on?

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Time to Chat

  1. 3

    Heidi says

    I mounted an old fence cut like a barn door above my sons bed when we move. It gets the most compliments! Then people are blown away when they learn it was found in the trash! Can’t wait to see your headboard!

  2. 5

    Marsha says

    Love to watch room’s evolve and how you re-purpose and adapt what you have. I often think that’s more creative than starting from scratch.

    Would love to see a post on “good wood color” and “bad wood color” someday, when you have time. I agree, and would love to see more on how you determine good and bad and work with both.


      • 7

        Marsha says

        Could be. Also current trends.

        Dark walnut tops with painted furniture bodies are hot now. Maybe it depends what it’s called: Espresso or Coffee Bean.

        And blonde wood was fashionable once, too. :-)

  3. 10

    Alexandra says

    I agree about the doors not having “character” (I believe that was in your Master Bedroom post). My farmhouse has doors with character, but seriously have so much that it takes a while to repaint with all the grooves and patterns in them!!