Bits and Pieces

Okay I have to tell you, I’m a bit of an old music junkie. I grew up with parents who listened to everything from Fats Domino to CCR to Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. And as soon as I typed the title of this post, I started humming this song by The Dave Clark Five. (If you’re reading by email or a reader, you’ll have to click through to see the YouTube video).

My favourite is the stamping feet and cheesy choreography!

Anyway, the song is so not what this post was about. I got distracted. Again.



Bits and Pieces

Aside from working on the kitchen (the stainless countertops have been drawn for laser cutting!!!), we’ve made little bits and pieces of progress on several things at the Backsplit, aka our new home.

We switched out the thermostat a couple of weeks ago for a programmable version.

 Our Habitat Restore find, the Buffet, got some new hardware.

Our broken front entry light got a quick (and cheap!) makeover with a $16 Ikea almost-drum shade.

I think it looks a bit like the drum shade flush mount from this post, for even less $$ and time! I’m thinking I may make a piece for the bottom so you can’t see all up in the shade every time someone looks up.

(The rest of the entry will be getting a makeover at some point for sure!)

I found the EXACT chandelier I’ve been bugging Dean about for the dining room on Kijiji and he’s picking it up for me tonight. It retails for $189.99 plus tax (for a total of $214) at Home Depot. The kijiji price is only $125. Even if you factor in gas, it’s still a bargain. Thank you David for meeting Dean part way to hand off the chandy!

Heritage 6 Light Iron and Crystal Chandelier

In lighting news, I also finally found a farmhouse pendant for over the kitchen sink for less than $60. I brainstormed about 50 ways ’till Sunday (what does that mean anyway?) for a way to DIY one. But nothing was authentic-looking enough for me. Low and behold, Lowe’s had this one, available online only:

It has been ordered and will pair with this chandy – over the breakfast bar – from Homesav in the kitchen.

And speaking of Homesav, we’re pinning with them to come up with some gorgeous DIY bedroom ideas. Check it out!

Also in case you missed it, we blogged about Styling Open Kitchen Shelves over at Organizing Junkie a couple of days ago.

I think that’s about it for now. What’s new in your world?

P.S. I sort of got a little lost in time on YouTube watching old music videos. Sort of makes a blog post take a long time to write! Anyone else ever do that? Anyone else now love the music their parents listened to just because you knew they were happy listening to it?

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    What a great find with the buffet, beautiful! Isn’t it always amazing to revamp something for practically nothing like your lampshade idea, great job!!!

  2. 2

    Elizabeth says

    Oh I wish we lived in a more populated area so I could find stuff on kijiji! Thats a great buffet and chandelier.