Renovating Our Living & Dining Room – A Look Back

On this day {Feb 7th, 2011} last year we began several weeks of renovations to our living room & dining room. We woke up to ice damming and soggy wet ceilings because our eaves troughs had frozen – leaking water along the TOP side of our ceiling drywall. Which resulted in bubbling, hanging, sagging drywall. And calls to our insurance company. And emergency water damage people. And about 6 weeks of renos.

And while it seemed horrible at the time, it was actually a huge blessing! By doing all the work ourselves (mostly Dean plus one of our friends for the flooring) and really stretching the insurance money we were able to redo the whole room – not just repair the ceiling. Hallelujah!

Our living room went from this:

{move in week, 2009}

{fall of 2010}

To this:

{april 2011}

To this:

{fall 2011}

And our dining room went from this:

{move in month, 2009 – in the middle of our kitchen reno}

{december 2010}

To this:

{april 2011}

To this:

{fall 2011}

Yay for happy accidents!

Have you ever had something that seemed horrible, turn out really well? Any other ice damming projects out there? Do share!


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Time to Chat

  1. says

    Wow, that was a blessing. Your rooms are so pretty! I just discovered your blog recently and love it. :) I can’t think of anything in my own life like this but my cousin and his wife had just bought a house, went out of town and a pipe burst flooding a lot of the house. They ended up finding black mold (my cousin’s wife had had a headache since they moved in) and were able to remove all of it thankfully. :)

  2. says

    Love, love, love! My two favorite things, 1: The HUGE difference that the rug and color made in your living room and 2. The accent wall and bench seating in your dining room. Will definitely take some of your ideas and bring them into our present home (we’re getting ready to move so are staging to sell) and our future home (cannot wait!).

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. says

    Love the transformations! No catastrophes here – yet – we do live in an old house, so who knows!

    Just found your blog. It’s great. Love that you are Canadian too!