Fall Project #1: Fall Burlap Banner

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Are you ready? It’s September!! That means as many fall projects as we can fit in!

The first project is a fall burlap banner.

hutch fall 2011 Fall Project #1: Fall Burlap Banner

Before I tell you how I made our fall burlap banner, I want to say that I have purchased two burlap banners from the etsy shop funkyshiquethe Love banner over our bed that’s all beautiful and glittery and the Nest banner (shown below) that I was so very excited to order (it will go up asap – it’s just too Spring-y to keep up for fall) …AND I ADORE THEM! 

 nest banner Fall Project #1: Fall Burlap Banner

I will almost definitely purchase another for another ocassion. If you want a really really really well done banner, please visit Amanda at funkyshique. Amanda uses the best burlap and gorgeous glitter. Amanda’s are absolutely beautiful and so much more “professional” than my DIY version!!! She has banners available for every holiday, special occasion and can even do custom orders. She also donates 10% of all her proceeds to amazing charities. And no, I am not being perked for saying this – I really really love Amanda’s banners!

Our fall banner was just a quick-whip-it-up-and-hang-it-up-because-company’s-coming banner and here is how I made it.


  • burlap
  • jute
  • Martha Stewart by Plaid Monogram Serif Alphabet stencil
  • Martha Stewart by Plaid Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Craft Paint in Beetle Black
  • Martha Stewart by Plaid Stencil Brushes
  • sewing machine, stick pins and thread
  • ribbon (optional)

Step 1. Cut triangles to your desired size from your burlap.

triangles Fall Project #1: Fall Burlap Banner

Step 2. Fold the top edge of each of the burlap triangles over about an inch. Trim off the extra little bit that sticks out.

fold Fall Project #1: Fall Burlap Banner

Step 3. Cut jute to the length you want your banner to be, plus some extra lengths to hang down the sides. If you use more than one length of jute, tie them together into a knot at one end to keep them from wiggling around during the next steps.

knot Fall Project #1: Fall Burlap Banner

Step 4. Pin jute into the folded burlap with stick pins.

pinned Fall Project #1: Fall Burlap Banner

Step 5. Using a zigzag stitch (whatever it’s called – I’m totally not technical with sewing!), sew the jute into the burlap.

zigzag Fall Project #1: Fall Burlap Banner

Step 6. Now position your letter stencils, and stencil on your word. Of course as with all stencilling, dab the excess paint off your brush onto a napkin. And since burlap isn’t solid fabric, place a sheet of paper under the burlap to keep the paint from leaking through.

painting Fall Project #1: Fall Burlap Banner

Step 7 – Optional. Tie ribbons onto jute if desired. If you tied a knot to keep the jute together, untie it now.

That’s it! Just hang it up. To hang ours I just tied it to two stick pins stuck into the top of our hutch. Then I let the curly ends of the jute hang down. Delicious.

It looks even better on our newly painted walls

 burlap banner new paint on wall Fall Project #1: Fall Burlap Banner

What do you think? Like?

P.S. We were not paid for this post. The lovely folks at Martha Stewart and Plaid sent us (and several other bloggers) some of their new products to review. The opinions in this post are all ours.

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  1. stillamistry says

    I did an “I do” banner for my outdoor wedding 3 weeks ago. Burlap aisle and burlap ring pillow too… I asked for my bridal bouquet to be hand tied in burlap, but the florist failed me there. I was swimming in burlap.
    I can’t wait to see what you do with the linen!!

    • aka design says

      First of all – Congrats!!!! I remember you asking us some q’s. I’m so happy you got { most of } the burlap you wanted!! do share pics with us if you’d like!!

  2. Mindy says

    Shannon- Thank you for this tutorial. I’m a recent Pinterest addict and I found your blog through some other pins. I just finished a burlap banner last week and totally love it. I like how you’ve added color to the most recent one.


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