4th Blogging Anniversary

This weekend marks the fourth anniversary of AKA Design.

On one hand I can hardly believe it’s been four years since I started this blog. And yet, at the same time, it feels like I’ve been blogging forever. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Here’s a fun little recap of the last four years.

Readers’ Favorite Posts of All Time

There have definitely been some favorite projects and posts. I know because Google keeps track of these things!

Here are your favorites by number of page views. Obviously some have been around for awhile so I apologize in advance for the poor photo quality in the posts. Practice makes perfect and apparently I didn’t have much practice when I started out!

READERS FAVORITE POSTS | www.akadesign.ca

Card Catalog Jewelry Box | How to Make Reclaimed Wood Look Headboard |  Easiest Furniture Glazing and Antiquing Ever! | DIY You Are My Sunshine Vintage Sign


Oh Holy Night Printable | Roundup: DIY Farmhouse Tables |  Restoration Hardware Inspired Shelves | How to Make New Wood Look Old in 3 Simple Steps

By the Numbers

Total Number of Posts Published: 1143

Average Number of Posts Per Month: 24

Number of Comments: 8, 971

Number of Houses: 2

aka design house tour

aka design house tour our last house

Highest Number of Pageviews in one day: 106,472

Total Pageviews: 2, 633, 909

Pinterest Followers: 11, 243

Favorite Moments

 featured in

Aside from all the projects and upgrades we’ve done on our house (both this one and the last one), being on TV and featured in magazines has been so much fun.

past partners

It’s also been an absolute pleasure to work with several incredible brands and the people that represent them. Especially the ones that have been around for a long enough to remember our poor photography skills!

Blog Income Then & Now

I started AKA Design in July 2010 with the intention of turning it into a business. Young House Love and others were my inspiration in the early days. I didn’t actually start monetizing until September 2011 when I added a network and Google Adsense.

While I’m not one to disclose my income – it just feels icky! – I want to show you how the income part of this business has grown in four years. The numbers aren’t actual numbers, but the growth the chart shows is exactly how the blog income has grown. The 2014 numbers will be even higher at the end of the year.

blog income over the years

Just like any business starting out, blogging can be tough.

A lot of hours for not a lot of return. But if you love it (why else would you choose to blog?!) and you work hard you can grow as much as you’d like!

I’d like to encourage you NOT TO HAVE A $ PER HOUR MINDSET when growing your blogging income. Business owners don’t think like that! 

Anyway, the sources of our income have changed as we’ve grown and learned. We’ve diversified and it’s obviously made all the difference  when you look at the income growth chart above!

income sources

Yup really way back when, our only income came from an ad network and Google adsense, which are both traffic dependent.

2014 Sources of Income

Now we do sponsored posts, sell ebooks, printables and are working on a few more projects.

Having several income streams is very important for stability and growth.

About You

It’s our anniversary but it’s kind of yours too. After all we wouldn’t keep doing this if you didn’t keep coming around.

We talk (and talk and talk) all about us here on AKA Design. Our house, our kids, our projects.

But we’d love to hear more about you – so we whipped up this little poll below!

[polldaddy type=”iframe” survey=”A90D95586F4D27B8″ height=”auto” domain=”sacheson” id=”4th-anniversary-get-to-know-readers-survey”]


Can’t wait to see your responses!

Four whole years of blogging. Where does the time go?

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    Congratulations! You are such an inspiration Shannon!
    BTW…when it’s warm and not snowing…my preferred place to be on the weekend….is in the yard planting, re-arranging, tweaking, tending, and admiring my gardens and inviting others over to share them with me. Of course when it’s snowing and blowing…crafting or tweaking something in the house is my weekend go-to.
    Best wishes for continued extraordinary success!