4 Handy HTML Tags for Bloggers

Most blogging platforms these days make it easy to build and maintain a website without any coding knowledge whatsoever.

There are platforms like WordPress and Blogger with visual editors, themes galore and plugins that will do just about anything you wish to your site.

But it is often helpful to know some very basic HTML.

4 handy html tags for bloggers

Here are 4 Handy HTML Tags for Bloggers – tags I use all the time!

1. Add an image

<img src="URL of image goes here">

 If you find yourself linking to advertisers or affiliates using an image in your sidebar, this code can be very useful.

2. Add a link to text or an image (hyperlinks)

<a href="URL of hyperlink goes here"> Text goes here. </a>


<a href="URL of hyperlink goes here"><img src="URL of image goes here"></a>

This is most helpful when using text widgets on your sidebar or filling out online forms that allow basic code. Whatever is between the <a href> and the </a> is what will become a clickable link.

3. Insert Line breaks

<br> or &nbsp;

Line breaks are basically like hitting ENTER to start a new paragraph. Use them to increase space between images too. Double them up and get more space.

4. Center image or text


<CENTER> This text would be centered. </CENTER>

It is recommended to keep text left-aligned when writing blog posts, but photos are so much better centered. And once in awhile you may want to center some text. This one is pretty easy!

Another important thing to remember with HTML is to always open what you close! All HTML tags should have an opening bracket < and a closing bracket >.

Do you use HTML on your blog? What HTML tags have you found yourself using most frequently?

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