3 Tips for Home Accessory Shopping on a Dime

When decorating any space, the best place to start is with the big pieces; a sofa, rug or bedding for example. These larger elements are the base around which you layer your room’s look. Generally the next step is choosing paint colours or other wall coverings. All of the accents and accessories in a room are then chosen in the final stage of decorating. If you watch any design TV shows, you’ll know that this is most often done immediately before the big reveal.

Most decorators and stylists will tell you to INVEST in the larger pieces and SPLURGE on trendy accent pieces. That way when trends come and go (and they always do), you can just swap out accessories for a whole new look.

But if you’re at all like me, you still may not want to break the bank on things like pillows, candles, trays and other accessories.

So what’s a stylish girl (or stylish guy) to do?

SHOP SMART that’s what!

You can scope out fabulous deals in all sort of places; department stores, boutiques, big box stores and even thrift shops if you know what you’re looking for.


3 Tips for Home Accessory Shopping on a Dime

1. Look for pieces that can be used for something other than their intended purpose. Why not think outside the box?  An inexpensive grocery store bread basket can become a beautifully textural centerpiece when topped with pine cones found outside and wooden bamboo balls from the dollar store. A set of potting tins can be used to hold overflow flatware. A silver candlestick and vintage pie plate can be glued together to make a cake stand.

2. Look at an objects shape or profile – spray paint can “fix” just about anything. Thrift stores are a treasure trove of discarded decor relics. Old lamps can become brand new with a couple of coats of paint. Green soapstone animals from the 80’s can look like their more au courrant ceramic counterparts with some high gloss white spray paint.

3. Look for multiple use/season pieces. By using a piece for more than one season, you can save big bucks by shopping less. A rustic bird cage can be filled with greenery for the holidays, moss balls for spring or mini pumpkins in the fall. The perfect coffee table tray can go from holding a multitude of candles (found in sets at Ikea) to storing books and remotes or even holding hors d’oevres at a party.

By following these three tips, you should be able to accessorize your room with stylish pieces – without spending a small fortune!


What do you look for when shopping? Do you have any thrifty shopping tips?

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    I bought two bread baskets at Zehns and use one for Fall and Winter
    decorating with decorative balls bought from Urban Barn. Sprayed painted
    the other basket white for Summer. The items were purchased in the Spring and
    my family have since used the idea.