3 Easy Steps to a Chalkboard Wall

If you follow us on Facebook, you may have noticed that we painted a chalkboard wall in our dining room. I originally thought I wanted to put the chalkboard wall in the kitchen. But after living with it in the dining room for several weeks it is SO PERFECT here. I have to say it was a fabulous decision and the kids are LOVING it! I use it to write school assignments on (page numbers, etc) and to show examples (like parallel and perpendicular and why the fish is the sign of being a Christian) and the kids draw ALL OVER IT with their friends.

It was a bit of a time consuming project (not really in actual work, just in the waiting), with multiple coats and dry time, but it was really simple and totally worth the wait.

3 Easy Steps to a Chalkboard Wall

Step One. Paint wall with Chalkboard Paint. It’s fairly thin stuff, so I had to paint three coats for good coverage over the old mustard colored wall. Let cure for a few days. Follow the package directions. Don’t skip this step, or you won’t have a good hard surface.

Step Two. Cover ENTIRE wall with chalk. Just rub it on with the side of a piece of chalk. We went through more than a few pieces for this step. We bought a classroom size box of dustless chalk.

Step Three. Using a cloth or a chalkboard brush, wipe down the chalkboard wall. Now it’s ready to use!

And trust me it will get used!

Some of you have asked about the chalk dust. Dustless chalk definitely makes it better. But there is still dust, it just seems to drop to the floor instead of floating around all over the house. I do wipe the floor and baseboard along the base of the chalkboard wall a couple of times a week. Not really a big deal, which will be even less of a big deal when we replace the ugly wood baseboards with crisp white ones.

We’re moving along with our kitchen renovations too…we’ll be back to show some of that progress next week. What have you got planned for this weekend? Any projects? Have you signed up for our $225 Amazon.com gift card giveaway yet? Did you see our post about 6 Ways to Dress a Kitchen Window over at Centsational Girl? What about our new site Blogger Homes?

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Time to Chat

  1. 3


    Have you guys tried using chalk markers? I painted something with chalk paint and wasn’t sure if I could use the chalk markers or not, since they have to be erased with water. Just wondering!

    • 4

      aka design says

      I wouldn’t use chalk markers for this. They’re good for vinyl chalkboards. The water wouldn’t be good for your wall and chalk markers leave a bit of a ghost outline or shadow when erased. :)

  2. 5

    Elizabeth says

    Hmm , I didn’t know you had to let it cure. I made a small framed chalkboard and started using it the same evening. Maybe different brands???

    • 6

      aka design says

      Our can’s instructions say to wait four hours before coats and to let it cure for a couple of days. It is chalkboard paint from the hardware store, not craft chalkboard paint which is different. :)

  3. 9


    Great tutorial! I just made a fun media / study / play space with my kids (complete with a huge wall decal), and I’d love to make one of the walls a chalkboard wall. I will definitely be using your tips when I start that project — thanks again! Love your blog.

  4. 11

    Amanda says

    Ok, I want to do one of these in my home, but my walls are textured. Were your walls textured? Does it still look good when you write on it?

    • 14


      It’s called seasoning the chalkboard. If you skip this step the first words you write will leave a permanent impression or shadow! Trust me on this one!

  5. 17

    Shari says

    I’m thinking about putting one of these in my bedroom, does anyone know if the tinted chalk works as well as the black? Or if I end up only doing one wall, how big of a surface would work? I can’t wait to try, though!!!