2nd Blogiversary: GIVEAWAY 1 of 14!


Okay, first I have to say my intention was to write all the 2nd Blogiversary giveaway posts before we left to go camping last weekend. But you know what they say about the best laid plans. (Um, you do, don’t you?)

Anyway, camping has come and gone and suddenly it’s Wednesday – and I’ve not written a single giveaway post. My bad.

In my defense I’ve done a ton of camping laundry (which the Mr. so sweetly folded last night) and taken the kids to the pool and the library. Now that they’re at a friend’s house for a bit and dinner is in the crockpot, I can put together all the fun goodies!!!

So here’s what’s going to happen:

  • There are 14 (that’s FOURTEEN, folks!) giveaways.
  • We will post 2 a day for the next week. One in the morning and one at night.
  • Each will stay open to comments/entries for the duration of the week.
  • Enter 1 or enter them all, up to you.
  • BUT you can only win ONE. No double dipping (that’s gross, no matter how you look at it!).
  • Winners will be drawn next week (the first week of August) by random.org.
  • We will announce winners on the blog. CHECK BACK TO SEE IF YOU’VE WON.
  • Your email address will be forwarded to each Giveaway sponsor and you will make arrangements with them to claim your prize.
  • For the rest of our polices, go here.


Okay so here’s the first giveaway, to kick off the celebration…


Dear sweet Diana of Vintage Home Designs creates the BEST bread boards! Gorgeous, beautiful and perfectly rustic.

She has offerred to giveaway a set of four Mini French Bread Boards to one of our readers! Wahoo!

Diana also has a very cool blog, called Our Vintage Home Love. One of my favourites for sure! Check it out here.

To be entered to win, simply leave us a comment below telling us what you’d use the breadboards for – a tablescape, kitchen display, actual cutting boards, etc.

P.S. My wordpress spell check won’t work, so be kind!!!

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Time to Chat

  1. Jen Y says

    I am so excited! I follow Diana’s blog & have entered her give aways before. I’ve wanted a set for a long time. :o)

    My favorite way to use them would be for serving. I love how she displays them in her tablescapes.

  2. says

    I love these & Diana’s blog! I think I would display them in my dining room that I am doing over. Maybe on my new vintage sideboard.


  3. Amber K says

    Those mini bread boards are so cute! I could definitely see myself using them with dinner guest or as kitchen table decor! Love them!

  4. Bonnie says

    First, Congrats on 2 years!!! Second, Love these!!! They are absolutely adorable. I’d definitely use them at the table (bread with dipping oil anyone?) and then I’d probably have to purchase more so I could use them for a family dinner… They’d probably be used as actual cutting boards, maybe I’d get creative – we have a wood engraver somewhere in the house, maybe a monogram on one side & hang as decoration? Oh the possibilities…

  5. Jodi M says

    Love her breadboards….tablescape yess! She is actually the 1st blogger I followed!!! Happy Blogiversary!!!

  6. Dianne says

    I could see using them for a dinner party. Whether is was a sit down dinner or a buffet style they would have many uses.

  7. Debbie w says

    Congrats! I’m a cutting board collector….would lve to win these beauties! Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. Emily says

    Love these!! They would have multiple uses in my home.. Would definitely display them, but would probably also use them for nice sit down dinners (may have to order more to accomodate our guests!!) Happy 2nd Blogiversary! Absolutely love your blog!

  9. says

    Happy Blogiversary! I love her website and think these mini bread boards are gorgeous. I would love to win one! Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  10. says

    I would use these everyday. when they’re smaller they’re easier to hand wash than those giant wood breadboards. these are beautiful. all hail wood.

  11. says

    Since my place is too small for dinner parties and I dont have kitchen storage, I think I would use them as some beautiful wall decor. until i get a bigger place, then you are all coming over for bread and cheese!!

  12. Kathy S says

    1st happy 2nd anniversary , I have just started following
    Your blog & really live it ! For the little bread boards
    I would use them to serve bread( of course) with a little
    Bruschetta or smoked salmon or an appy. There so cute
    I just love them , thanks for the opportunity :)

  13. says

    I have loved these since the minute I saw them. I would use them for a dinner party. They are beautiful as individual breadboards at the table!

  14. says

    Happy 2nd blogiversary! I was a lucky winner last year so I’m excited for another round of giveaways. We just discovered that our newly inherited cottage needs some vintage touches so that’s where I would use this :) Hope you’re almost caught up on all the post-camping chores – I hate feeling like you need a vacation from your vacation!

  15. says

    OMG… what would I use them for?! All of the above sounds good to me! I love them! I would most definitely display them with my growing collection of old cutting boards in my dining room!

    I’m off to check out her blog now!


  16. Gina Helton says

    I would probably break up the set of four and use some for kitchen display and the other for practical use of cutting boards. Love them!! Such cute stuff.

  17. Jen says

    Oh my what a great giveaway and 14 different ones is just awesome I love your display of a table setting with the bread boards and the lil burlap pillow tucked behind there I have a small collection of cutting boards and love using them to stack thing and give height in a grouping and also have them displayed above my fridge behind a grouping you can never have enough cutting boards ashamed to say but i also have them hanging on the walls with vintage ladles and candles each of mine are unique and love each and every one of them

  18. Karen Thomas says

    I love the way She used them in her table scape. I would definitely display them and use with a tables cap when entertaining. Thank you for the opportunity to win these and happy 2nd blogiversary! Karen

  19. says

    Happy 2nd Blogiversary! It seems hard to imagine that you have only been at it for such a short time! Thanks also for giving us all the chance to win some amazing prizes!
    I also keep meaning to send you an email on homeschooling as we are just starting out on that venture this fall. I’ll do that shortly!
    I love Diana’s bread boards and her blog! I would love the mini boards although would probably get more use out of a larger board, hand stamped in walnut!!
    Thanks and have a great day!

  20. says

    Hmmm. I would probably use them in tablescapes or hanging on the wall in the kitchen, ready for serving. Thanks for these giveaways!

  21. Jesse says

    I love your blog and “Our Vintage Home Love.’ I think that I would actually try to use these bread boards. It would make meals together so special.

  22. Juanita says

    Happy Blogiversary!! Those are totally sweet! I would probably use them for serving individual appetizers, or maybe mini grilled romaine salads. Any way you use them, they’d be awesome!

  23. Joyia says

    I have been looking at these bread boards on Our Vintage Home Love for quite a while now and soooo wishing I had some!! I love them and thanks for the giveaway!!

  24. Lisa Thompson says

    I would first transfer old family photographs (likely to include some of my favorite person in the world, my Papa) onto the boards by photo copying them onto clear overhead projection paper, use a spoon to do the transfer then seal them and invite the family over for dinner to discover our beloved and missed family members that have passed as well as maybe some old photos of them. I can imagine the laughing and discussions now! Love these such a great idea!!!
    Lisa Thompson

    • Lisa Thompson says

      Oh and just to make sure I was clear I would transfer these pics onto the bread boards :-)

      Lisa Thompson

  25. Laura says

    This is also a blog I follow and love it!!! I actually am painting the exterior of my home, her color :) hope i wiiinnnn!!!!

  26. says

    I follow Diana’s blog as well, and luuvvv her boards her story behind making them. I would definitely use them for dinner parties and serving. Fingers crossed to be “the chosen one”!! Thanks for all the giveaways, can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us all :)

  27. says

    Happy blogiversary Shannon & Dean!!!!! Those little bread cutting boards are adorable. I love the different shapes and the ideas that you have pictured above is everything I would dream up to do with them. However, I would serve a nice little appetizer on them for a nice intimate dinner of four …. maybe crackers and avacado with cracked pepper and parmesan cheese, cheese and crackers even sandwiches. The possibilities are endless. These are what I want to win. Thanks for putting on such a great giveaway. Kudos to Dean for folding.

  28. says

    Yeahh! This is super exciting for us ;)We’d totally use this for dinner parties to serve cheese and figs and bread, drizzle them with honey….mmmm some fruits perhaps? Grapes? Possibilities are endless!

  29. says

    I have drooled over her bread boards forever! I would love to win them! They would serve as some lovely useful decor for my kitchen. It would be a dream!

  30. Emma Beasley says

    WOW!!! they are super cute! Would love these! I would use them for my home made bread (bread machiene cough cough) at dinner parties! I would also use them for serving cake when I friends over! Much love!! :) xx

  31. says

    Wow these are beautiful! If I were to win, I would actually use mine as a decorative piece in my kitchen. I am in the middle of repainting my walls and cabinets, and have decided to go with a French country decor, and am needing something to hang on a particular wall. One of these would be perfect in that space, and would look rustic and gorgeous.
    Thank you for the chance to win!

  32. Shawna G says

    I would use mine for actual cutting! I’m in need of a new one. Of course it would be on display when not in use!

  33. Gena in Texas says

    I have admired Diana’s bread boards for a long time and would love to win! I’d use them and decorate with them. Happy Blogiversary.

  34. Renee S says

    I love Diana’s bread boards! I also love her blog! I might really use them for cutting but I would be more likely to use them for decor. Thanks for the chance to win!

  35. Whitney says

    These are so great! I would use for kitchen display AND as a cutting board.

    BTW, thanks for the giveaways! Your blog is great.

  36. kristin M says

    I love Love LOVE these mini bread boards and would use them on the table and in food photography as well.

  37. Jessica Reurich says

    These would be so beautiful on my table…I made a rustic flower box last year and these would look so amazing with it on the table! Thanks for having these amazing giveaways and Happy Blogaversary!!!

  38. says

    OMG!!! pick me! Pick me! I have been searching the website for these boards.
    Now I have a chance on winning a set. I’m so excited. Thanks for your generous giveaways. Happy blogaversary.

  39. says

    Happy Anniversary! And thank you for the opportunity to win a set of bread boards. They are so lovely. I would definitely use them as breadboards, with guests. I love your blog!


  40. Shyonna J. says

    Oh boy, I could see myself getting into trouble with these. I will prepare way too many delicious foods if I win these. And I will insist on getting a whole new set of kitchen knives, placemats and dishes. Thanks for doing all of these giveaways! :)

  41. Laura says

    These are beautiful! They would definitely compliment any meal presentation! I think I would use them daily as trivets for my serving dishes on our table. Of course a loaf o bread or two would have to be cut on them. :)

  42. Lisa says

    I would use this everyday, since my family has to have bread at dinner every night! Cut up a baguettes for homemade croutons, slice Italian bread to make garlic bread, cut rolls and bagels. ANd when I wasn’t using it for cutting bread, I would put it to good use serving appetizers or cheese. They are beautiful!

  43. Lydia Esh says

    These brea boards always caught my eye! there just awesme! I would use them to serve bread. But actually I would give them to my sister who will be getting married in 4 weeks!:)

  44. Jennifer N says

    I might hang one or two of the boards in my kitchen, and use the others to slice cheese and fruit for my kids.

  45. Jess Talkington says

    I’m all about decor having functionality in my kitchen as it is a very old kitchen in a 100 yr old house and doesn’t have much for storage. Love these! Beautiful! These would look amazing in my kitchen and get used very often!

  46. Debbie says

    WOW! This is so exciting! Happy Blogaversary! I absolutely love her bread boards. I have broused her blog before and I love them. Winning them whould be fantastic. I think I would display them and use them too!

  47. Darlene says

    Wow! I would use these with a wax paper transfer of French script… display one and give the rest as gifts

  48. Leann E. says

    I think I may gift them to my Mom. She has a unique knack at displaying and I know that she would find an amazing way to display these. Thank you for the opportunity!

  49. Nicole says

    I love these! I would probably try to display them at first, but they are just so cute that I may end up using them as well!

  50. Sandy K says

    Hmmmmm, thinking about this onse. Obviously, could use for cutting. I like the table display idea–with candles, flowers. Lots of possibilities.

  51. ConsuelaWood says

    I love her stuff so much I actually bought one of her oars but owning more is a goal of mine. I would defiantly use them in my table scape during dinner parties and just for home cooked dinners. In my family bread makes ever dinner special!

  52. Renee Richardson says

    I would use these for all of the above. I would want them everywhere so people can envy me. LOL!!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  53. Shawna Y says

    They are beautiful! I would use them as cheese boards as well as for decoration at the table for non-hot dishes.

  54. Mindy W says

    I’d put special cheeses and fresh french bread on these. I also like how they dress up a dining table for guests.