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kitchen from side door
kitchen renovation progress
white living room couch dark wood floor trellis rug
aka design house summer 2015
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DIY Decor: Wall Lettering

Have you ever wanted to decorate with fancy letters and shapes? You know all those pretty scripts and quotes that people make with their Cricuts or their Silhouettes? But maybe, just maybe, you’re like me and you don’t have one. Not because you don’t want one (‘cause frankly if someone gifted me one – hint hint – I’d for sure make good use of it), but perhaps it’s just not

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flagstone walkway thumb

The Curb Appeal Series: The Flagstone Walkway

Wouldn’t you know it that in the midst of all of our Curb Appeal projects, we had to stop and go car shopping?! Craziness at Chez Acheson, I tell ya, craziness! Anyway, if you’ve been paying attention, we’ve been talking curb appeal for the last few weeks; we shared how to get a great lawn (ours is still a work in progress – apparently there are no ‘quick fixes’!), some gorgeous lighting options from The Home

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freezer smoothies

Freezer Smoothies

I know I totally just shared a smoothie recipe last week. (3 Ingredient Banana Berry Smoothie, remember?) But I’ve got another easy way to enjoy a healthy smoothie in a hurry! I call them Freezer Smoothies. Freezer Smoothies   Save Print Prep time 10 mins Total time 10 mins   Author: Shannon Acheson, AKA Design Recipe type: snack, breakfast Serves: 2 Ingredients ½ cup spinach or other greens ½ banana,

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