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kitchen progress - whole room
kitchen renovation progress
aka design house summer 2015
summer mantel
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simple DIY project

Hoo’s There? (A Simple DIY)

Our current in-progress house projects include our kitchen and master bedroom. While we’re working on both rooms simultaneously, we’re also still living life – one of our goals in renovating this house vs the last was that we don’t quit life for projects. Sometimes that means that progress is small, at least in one space at a time. Which brings me to this tiny little project involving a bit of spray

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clear cold filtered water featured image

Simple Water Filtration – Our Solution

Every week we throw out 20-30 plastic water bottles. Sometimes more. They fill our blue bins to the top. Even when we squish them one by one. Admittedly collecting and carrying the water bottles to the curb each week is Dean’s issue. My issue isn’t buying and disposing of the water bottles. Oh no. It’s having to fill the filter pitcher 1000 times a day (coffee, tea, water for the kids,

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freezer smoothies

Freezer Smoothies

I know I totally just shared a smoothie recipe last week. (3 Ingredient Banana Berry Smoothie, remember?) But I’ve got another easy way to enjoy a healthy smoothie in a hurry! I call them Freezer Smoothies. Freezer Smoothies   Save Print Prep time 10 mins Total time 10 mins   Author: Shannon Acheson, AKA Design Recipe type: snack, breakfast Serves: 2 Ingredients ½ cup spinach or other greens ½ banana,

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