• DIY Vintage Industrial Crate From a Craft Store Crate
  • No Sugar Iced Latte Recipe
  • Grapevine and Berry Wreath for Fall | Trash to Treasure
  • Weekend Retreat Link Party #84
  • Mini Marquee Letter DIY Hack
5 ways to keep your voice in sponsored content

5 Ways to Keep YOUR Voice in Sponsored Content

If you are a blogger, your readers come to your blog to read what you write. Well, sometimes they come for the pictures. But you know what I mean. If you want to work with brands as part of your blog business, chances are you’ll be asked to write sponsored posts on your blog. When you’re… 

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DIY Vintage Industrial Crate From a Craft Store Crate

You know those raw softwood crates that you can buy at the craft store? They seem to be a good size for storing things on a shelf. Or even just for using in a pretty vignette. And there are probably a million and one ways to finish them. Well, I took one of those, a… 

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No Sugar Iced Latte Recipe

Okay, so not only is this iced latte free of sugar - it can be made dairy-free too! And it can be whipped up in just a few minutes. So you can serve it up quickly to last minute guests or pour it and run out the door in a hurry for work. No Sugar Iced Latte Recipe… 

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grapevine and berry garland wreath for fall

Grapevine and Berry Wreath for Fall | Trash to Treasure

Sometimes the easiest creations are the best. Or close to it anyway. While I was at the thrift store recently I found a simple grapevine wreath for a whopping 99 cents. Now I’m not big on plain grapevine wreaths. I like my wreaths a little…fancier. So I thought about what I could do with this… 

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Weekend Retreat Link Party | www.akadesign.ca

Weekend Retreat Link Party #84

It’s Thursday and by the time you’re reading this I will hopefully be super excited about a new hairdo. It’s been about six months since I had a haircut, so I think it was time. Plus it’s Blogpodium this weekend and I’m teaching about working with brands and meeting up with my fav blogging friends. And I… 

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Mini Marquee Letter DIY Hack

You guys, I have wanted a marquee letter forever! So when I saw these adorable raw mini metal letters at Michael’s last week, I had an awesome idea – a mini marquee letter DIY. And it’s so easy too, since the metal letter is already made for you. Mini Marquee Letter DIY Hack Supplies metal letter… 

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early fall dining room aka design 2

Early Fall Dining Room

So yesterday’s post was all about simplifying. And I’m obviously all for that. I mean, I wrote the post. Simplifying is a really good idea. But sometimes it’s so much fun to just layer and layer – and layer – until a room is cozy and warm and well, beautiful. Our early fall dining room… 

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3 Reasons to Simplify Your Home

I know a lot of people get the urge to purge in the spring. I get it. Winter’s done and it can be so freeing to clean out the house. But I also get that urge in the fall, when it’s time for back to school. Summer seems to wreak havoc on my house –… 

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5 Kitchen Gadgets I Can’t Live Without

Okay, you’re totally right. I suppose technically I could live without these five kitchen gadgets. But they certainly make my life as a work-from-home-homeschooling-mom a whole lot easier! Like the difference between cooking dinner and ordering in. Yeah. They’re good for the budget too. Here are five of my favorite kitchen tools, in no particular… 

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weekend retreat link party | www.akadesign.ca

Weekend Retreat Link Party #83

How has your first week of September been? Was this your kids first week back? Or is it already old-hat? Do you come ready to share a project or recipe this week? Or are you here to be inspired? Either way we’re ready for ya! Laurel Wreath Graphics from Designs by Miss Mandee | Caramel Apple… 

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Creating a Farmhouse Kitchen | Blogger Homes

When Anne moved into her home 4 years ago, the kitchen had no windows, 4 doorways, un-salvageable original cabinets and a miserable 3′ of counter space. Now she has a light, bright and happy space filled with things she loves – come take a look! Visit DesignDreams by Anne for more of Anne’s Farmhouse Kitchen.


Baked Ziti Recipe

My dad had this rule when I was growing up – when it’s hot outside and the air conditioning is on, do NOT turn on the oven! Seriously. From June until about mid-September the oven wasn’t an option for cooking. It’s funny how ingrained those things become. I still wonder if I’m breaking some universal rule every… 

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free fall printable

Fall Vignette and Free Fall Printables

With kids back in school and leaves already falling while we were up in cottage country this weekend, fall is certainly on its way. Around here fall comes with so much seasonal excitement – apple picking, bonfires, corn roasts, Thanksgiving and pumpkin spice lattes. And fall decorating, of course! I showed you our fall mantel… 

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