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Show Off Your Photos with DIY Photo Coasters

Sometimes I miss photo albums. I miss sitting down and flipping through the memories held in the faces and events that are captured in old photographs. I miss the feel of holding a real picture in my hands. Sometimes looking at photos all lit up on a screen just isn’t the same as studying a tangible photo. Do you know what I mean? Months ago I printed a dozen or

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board and batten progress

DIY Board and Batten: Part 2

Several days ago we showed you the progress we were making with the DIY Board and Batten. Dean has been a busy bee this week caulking and priming the battens. So we’ve gone from this:   To this:   And this:   We’re almost finished. Just a coat or two of Behr Swiss Coffee and we’ll be done! What do you think so far? Would you try this at your house?

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Baked Ziti Recipe

My dad had this rule when I was growing up – when it’s hot outside and the air conditioning is on, do NOT turn on the oven! Seriously. From June until about mid-September the oven wasn’t an option for cooking. It’s funny how ingrained those things become. I still wonder if I’m breaking some universal rule every time I turn on the oven while the air is on! But it’s more like

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