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week 104 collage

Weekend Retreat Link Party #104

It’s the last Thursday in January – that means spring is just that much closer! What have you been up to? Hibernating? Creating? Let’s see! The Weekend Retreat Link Party #104 Our Neutral Valentine’s Day Mantel from The DIY Mommy | We are Mentos to Be from Shaken Together Life | Mini Lemon Tarts from… 

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Poached Chicken

Am I the only one who doesn’t like the taste of reheated or leftover chicken? I mean, when I make a salad in the middle of the day and I pull out leftover chicken to add to it, I’m just like “yuck”. Am I the only one? (Tell me I’m not!) Well, no more! Now I… 

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Special Date Stenciled Sign

Because we do DIY projects all the time, sometimes I forget to post one. For years. No joke. This project was born out of necessity, as my projects often are. I needed something to fill the vertical space on this non-seasonal mantel back in 2011. So I grabbed a board, stained it and added a personal… 

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Lack of Motivation | January Blahs

January is almost over. To which I’m sure several of us are uttering a collective “thank God”. I’m not a big fan of January. I kinda get the “blahs”. I really just want to hibernate and eat ridiculous amounts of carbs. (Which is sort of the opposite of what I’ve been trying to do.) I… 

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etsy valentine's day giveaway

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her | Etsy Edition + $50 Giveaway

We’ve never been real big on Valentine’s Day around here. Something about it being a forced day to show someone how much you love them when really it should be shown all the time. But as I get older I seem to warm up to Valentine’s Day more and more. It’s never bad to tell someone… 

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Weekend Retreat Link Party #103

Hello friends! It’s Thursday evening again and that means it’s time to celebrate the weekend a little early with some creativity! What have you been up to? Making something delicious in the kitchen? Whipping up a little DIY in the garage? Well we wanna see it! Homemade Bread from Prudent Living | Deer Head Pillow… 

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Dark and moody bedroom makeover -- Plaster & Disaster

Bedroom Makeover — The “Sophisticated Cave”

The bedroom was one of the first rooms Sam and Sage tackled after moving into their new (first) home — as they continue to work on the house for many more years, they knew they needed a relaxing and finished space to retreat to every evening. They painted the walls “Black Pepper,” and then decorated… 

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Getting Healthier | A Little Girl Talk

I won’t lie to you. This is going to take some work. Some of which I haven’t fully wrapped my brain around yet. The exercise part I mean. The healthy eating will truthfully take some work too. But I find that easier to get started with. (I’ve been sharing some of my healthy meals on Instagram if you… 

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Our House Then and Now

Emily over at Jones Design Company recently did a post about her house – what it looked like when they bought it eight years ago versus what it looks like now. I totally thought it would be fun to do the same thing with our house, since we just passed the two year anniversary of our… 

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Log Slice Chalkboard

Who wants a REALLY easy DIY craft? Okay here goes… Log Slice Chalkboard Supplies log slice chalkboard paint foam brush smallish paint brush chalk Instructions 1. Using foam brush and chalkboard paint paint center of one side of log slice. 2. Using the smallish brush and chalkboard paint smooth out the paint line about a… 

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Stenciled Cork Trivets | Ikea HEAT Trivet Hack

If you’ve ever been to Ikea, you’ve probably tossed a package of these into your cart. ‘Cause you know, they’re just handy to have around. If you’ve looked around online much, you may have seen a few DIY projects done to spruce up their plain Jane look. Not that there’s anything wrong with plain. Or Jane… 

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Weekend Retreat Link Party #102

It’s been kinda fun getting back into the swing of things this week. Have you enjoyed 2015 so far? Have you created anything? Recipes? Crafts? DIY? Do share! Three Cheese Spinach dip from Christy’s Cooking Creations | DIY Crayon Holder from The Sweetest Digs The Ultimate Hawaiian Slider from In Good Flavor | Loaded Breakfast… 

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DIY Magnetic Words

I’m not a big fan of stuff all over my fridge – I prefer to keep it clean and simple looking. But these DIY Magnetic Words are so much fun I can’t help but “clutter” up my fridge with them! Or take them in the car (on a metal tray or lid) for some road trip… 

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