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living room as is
early fall dining room aka design 2
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Husky Garage Storage
grey tweed hutch


DIY rag balls

Rag Balls (Bowl Filler)

I am a pretty neutral girl. I mean most of my clothes are grey, brown or black. And my house – our house – is also pretty neutral with shades of white, cream, black, grey and brown. But in the dark days of February I start to crave a little color. Usually pink. (Must be a girl thing.) But I know myself. It won’t last. It’s a temporary blip in

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americana finishes chalky finish painted bench

Chalky Finish Painted Entryway Bench

Sometimes a piece of furniture is absolutely fine as it is. And sometimes even absolutely fine can be improved upon. Case in point, this little white bench that Dean made years ago at our old house. Perfectly acceptable. Nice and neutral. But I get bored easily. And I like to play with paint when I get bored. So now our little bench looks like this… Custom Color Chalky Finish Painted Entryway Bench

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recipe books on open pantry

Meal Planning for Beginners

Last week I posted about Dean and I working on getting healthy this year. I talked about not using a diet program but that we’d be focusing on moving more and eating well. One thing that has helped me stay on top of healthy eating in the past is meal planning. Balancing food over the course of the day/week, knowing if something needs to be thawed for dinner and what I need to

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