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Dome Clock to Cloche | Trash to Treasure

I think at one point everyone and their uncle had one of those faux brass dome clocks. I know Dean and I did several years ago. They pop up with great frequency at thrift stores these days. My friend Lucy from Craftberry Bush brilliantly uses the glass tops for cloches. Which look an awful lot like the beautiful Restoration Hardware 1920sFrench Glass Cloches, don’t you think? So Lucy and RH inspired me

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how to window boxes thumb

How-To: Window Boxes

Since it’s finally nice and cool for working outside again, we’re back to tell show you how we built our window boxes for The Curb Appeal Series! I always pictured our little white bungalow with window boxes. In fact the two front windows complete with black shutters just kept whispering “we need some window boxes, we need some window boxes”. Okay, so they didn’t actually whisper to me. Yikes. But

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Shirley Temple Recipe (with Orange Juice)

I know the Shirley Temple is totally a child’s drink. Really, I do. But for me it comes with such happy memories. Memories of holidays with my family and visiting with my grandma. Shirley Temples also happen to be a favorite of my kids. The girls especially. But I’ve noticed something lately when we order a Shirley Temple at a restaurant. There’s no orange juice. Just lemon lime soda and grenadine.

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