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make your own fleece infinity scarf

Make Your Own Fleece Infinity Scarf

It’s been so freaking cold here! Oh. My. Gosh. But at least the cold is inspiring me to create something. (There’s gotta be a bright side, right?) Make Your Own Fleece Infinity Scarf Supplies One 95″ x 25″ piece of fleece scissors thread sewing machine Instructions 1. If you haven’t already, measure and cut your fleece to 95″ x 25″. 2. Fold fleece in half length-wise. Pin in place. (If

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Old Brick Wall Advertising |

How to Create Old Brick Wall Advertising in Your House!

Several of you have been messaging and leaving comments asking when I was going to post the tutorial for our Old Brick Wall Advertising.  Well today is the day! I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before, but a look I’ve loved for as long as I can remember is the urban hard loft; filled with wall-to-wall windows, soaring ceilings and oh-so-perfectly-aged exposed brick walls. If only we were all lucky enough

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gluten free chicken balls with rice and brocolli

Gluten Free Chicken Balls & Garlic Broccoli

These chicken balls are INCREDIBLE! I am so not joking. Our family eats them up like crazy – even saying they’re better than take-out! And the broccoli tastes just like the beef & broccoli dish from your favorite {North American} Chinese food restaurant!!! The best part is they’re GLUTEN FREE and CORN FREE!!!   Gluten Free Chicken Balls   Save Print Prep time 15 mins Cook time 30 mins Total time

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