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painted ombre dish towels

DIY Ombre Dish Towels

Am I the last one to understand what ombre is? Did anyone else think it just meant man or dude? Hombre is like saying “Hey man!” The H is silent. (via Yahoo Answers) Ombre is the graduation of color in a garment, like when a fabric is very dark at one end and gradually lightens. (via wiseGEEK) *So embarrassed.* Ahem, moving on… A couple of weeks back I stumbled (via

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flagstone walkway

Walk This Way – DIY Walkway Ideas

Does anyone remember our quest to improve our old bungalow’s curb appeal last summer? You know, before we knew we were selling the house and moving. Do you remember how cool it was that The Home Depot sponsored our project by giving us gift cards while we did the sweaty work? Well, we sure remember! All. That. Sweat. But that curb appeal made us happy all summer. And we’re quite

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Scrambled Eggs in a Cup |

Scrambled Eggs in a Cup

We consume a LOT of eggs. Like we could have ten chickens in the backyard if it were allowed in our city. We make omelets, quiche, poached, boiled, fried (over hard and over easy) and scrambled eggs. But sometimes everyone can’t agree on the ingredients to add. And sometimes I really would rather not dirty a fry pan or baking dish! So I came up with scrambled egg in a

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