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vertical garden trellis
living room as is
grey tweed hutch
hutch wide



Special Date Stenciled Sign

Because we do DIY projects all the time, sometimes I forget to post one. For years. No joke. This project was born out of necessity, as my projects often are. I needed something to fill the vertical space on this non-seasonal mantel back in 2011. So I grabbed a board, stained it and added a personal date in short form. Voila! Instant “art” that I’ve used over and over again! Special

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springtime in paris stencil thumb

Stencilled Wall & Fall Hutch #2

How many of you love stencils? I mean the really beautiful, whole-wall stencils-that-look-an-awful-lot-like-wallpaper kind of stencils. Gorgeous. After winning Lisa’s giveaway and stencilling our master bedroom back in August, Royal Design Studio asked us if they could send us a different stencil to review for them. Um, yes please! So off I happily giddily went to their site to choose again. I quickly fell in love with this one, called Springtime

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Baked Ziti Recipe

My dad had this rule when I was growing up – when it’s hot outside and the air conditioning is on, do NOT turn on the oven! Seriously. From June until about mid-September the oven wasn’t an option for cooking. It’s funny how ingrained those things become. I still wonder if I’m breaking some universal rule every time I turn on the oven while the air is on! But it’s more like

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